Who Would Benefit

Supporting older people and vulnerable adults

Giving you peace of mind.

My Call 2 Care is a telephone support service which helps to enable you to continue living independently in your own home.

This service is available to anyone over the age of 18 years. However, it is primarily to support older people and vulnerable adults so they can stay living in their own home, without the need for physical support from carers, for as long as possible. We can help identify problems before they reach crisis point.

Are you….

  • Living away from your parents, have a busy life and would like someone to touch base with your mum and dad each day, so you know they are safe and well. Using My Call 2 Care will give you peace of mind, reducing those tensions from asking 20 questions whenever you call, which can frustrate you and your parents.
  • Living alone and want reassurance that someone is touching base with you each day.
  • Feeling isolated from your community due to ill health.
  • Feeling lonely and don’t see anyone from one day to the next, worrying if anyone would notice if you became unwell or were experiencing difficulties.
  • At risk of falling or becoming increasingly frail but do not currently require physical support.
  • Living alone with special needs / learning difficulties and just need someone to contact you each day, to check you are ok and have remembered everything you should.
  • Becoming a little forgetful and would appreciate a call each day to remind you to do certain things, like take your medications.