How Does it Work?

Three simple steps to get set up




  1. My Call 2 Care will arrange a telephone assessment to discuss your needs, take basic details about your health and medication, GP contact details and your next of kin. From this we produce a bespoke companion plan so your care companion understands what you want and need from the service. They will ask questions which have been identified during your assessment by you or with support from your family, which will help to maintain your independence for longer. The companion plan may include medication prompting, checking you are well, establishing if you have had a fall or been unwell since our previous call, encouraging and checking you have eaten and had something to drink. The remainder of the call is for companionship and a good chat.

  2. Based on your needs, you can choose either our Silver, Gold or Platinum service.  Your calls will happen at the same time each day. Dependent on your needs and personal choices we can increase the amount of calls each day, but an additional charge would apply.

  3. We will set up a monthly direct debit which is paid in advance to settle your account. We use World Pay and we will send you a secure link to set up this service.  Direct debit payments are taken on the 1st of every month.

  4. Your Care Companion will only change on their days off and holidays. They will get to know you and build a trusting relationship, which means you are more likely to confide in them if you are concerned about your health and wellbeing.

  5. If you have chosen our Platinum service, you will also have access to our On-call service. This means you can contact our team with any issues or concerns you have throughout the day. This service is available between 9am and 9pm.  If you require medical assistance, we would always recommend you call your GP or 999, to ensure you get help at the earliest opportunity.

  6. If we are concerned about your wellbeing and you have given permission, we will contact your next of kin, or designated individual, to let them know, so they are able to offer you additional support.

  7. We may also contact the emergency services if we are concerned about your safety, especially if our call isn’t answered and we know you never go out. We will call you back after 10 minutes just in case you were unable to reach the phone in time.

  8. All our calls are recorded and kept for 6 months. A short note will be added to your personal record at the end of each call. If you give permission your relative can have access to an app which will allow them to read these notes as soon as they have been added, giving them peace of mind that you are ok.

  9. Our service can work alongside electronic safety monitoring devices, such as a pendant or bracelet you wear and press if you become unwell or have a fall. We do not offer this service, but we would be happy to put you in touch with providers that do.

  10. During periods of very hot or cold weather your Care Companion will remind you to take appropriate measures to counteract the adverse weather. For example, plenty of hot drinks and layers when it’s very cold and drinking plenty of cold fluids during periods of extreme heat to reduce the risks of dehydration.

  11. All our employees, client’s and next of kin also have access to an independent information and advice line, which offers general advice and information on bereavement and loss; consumer rights; disability and illness; legal advice; debt management; elder care information; family issues; wills and inheritance; consumer issues; housing; faulty goods etc. You are also entitled to 6 hours of telephone counselling per year, by a trained counsellor. These services are confidential, My Call 2 Care will not know who uses this service unless the individual personally chooses to tell us. We do receive statistics to show how many people use the service and the broad types of issues that are raised, but no information is ever passed on which could potentially identify you. This service is available 24 hours a day and is commissioned and paid for by My Call 2 Care and delivered by experts in their own field.